EXPOTIME is one of the biggest trousers makers in Portugal.

Production lines are located in Lousada, Oporto district in the north of Portugal at 40km from Oporto airport.

Our seamstress are all strongly skilled with high quality level got from many experience years, accumulated over many working years, always motivated and lead by their excellent in line managers.

Expotime looks at each customer as a partner. So, our commercial merchandisers keep a close and individual contact with each customer, from the proto development, fabric proposal usually used by us, bulk process till delivery of the goods.

Expotime success stands on customer’s satisfaction, by delivering a quality product on the required delivery date.

Who we Are

Expotime is a familiar company with a tradition on the textile business since 1955. In this year the founder Joaquin Valiñas started working on the commercial store of his father “Casa Valinhas” in Lousada. On the 1970s Joaquin Valiñas started on export business, as a shareholder and commercial manager of an important local company. On the 1990s , his sons joined Expotime and the business growth was significant and Expotime became one of the main trousers makes in Portugal. Today the company is managed by the new generation which leads a technical, skilled and young team.



The full satisfaction of our customers is the main purpose of Expotime strategy.

An attitude translated in a clear orientation for an excellent garment production, the fulfilment of delivery dates and a competitive price in the global market.

The production flexibility, easy due to partnerships between Expotime and other supplier reliable and flexible companies, is an huge point which allow us to reach the delivery dates.

EXPOTIME is focused in the production of all kind of trousers…it has been specialized in casual trousers, sportswear, 100%CO and CO/EA with enzyme wash, particular washes and with special treatments.

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Rua da Indústria, 20
4620-184 Boim – Lousada